At View Into The Blue® we recognize the importance of understanding and conserving the vital resources in our ocean and its intimate connection to the planet. Making this environment visible on a real-time, web-based platform is the foundation of our work.  Both the ubiquity of broadband internet connections and the use of remote powering and network systems allow us to develop tools for our clients to study, monitor, and learn from our underwater world.

View Into The Blue® designs, manufactures, and commercially offers patent pending, CleanSweep™ self-cleaning IP network underwater webcams, live streaming submersible data collection tools, and communication solutions for remote locations.

Bringing Projects to Life

We understand that projects often involve collaboration.  Connecting the various organizations and people requires an understanding of science, technology, regulations, permitting, engineering, electronics, networking, the ocean community, marketing, and an ability to recognize and provide solutions to problems.  We have the ability to make the impossible possible.  To make projects happen.  To do things that have not been done before.  We do not just provide products and services.  We partner with our clients and help them bring their projects to life.

Refusing to Compromise

View Into The Blue® uses materials that maximize both the performance and the life of its systems. We continue to improve our products to make them more efficient and durable, and reduce costs to our clients, while searching for ways to utilize new technologies and equipment as they become available.

Meeting Client Needs

Our products are designed to fit our clients needs from the simple to the complex.  We have ready made mounts, powering, and video and data collection systems, and can also provide custom built solutions when projects require it.  We thrive on finding ways to help our clients overcome problems and work out solutions that make projects happen.