New York Harbor School – Billion Oyster Project / Verizon Powerful Answers

The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School and New York Harbor Foundation are partnering with Verizon Marketing, the Verizon Innovation Centers and the Verizon Foundation to develop a custom water monitoring solution.

The New York Harbor School is working to clean and protect waterways through an oyster restoration program. Each oyster cleans the water by filtering up to 24 gallons of water of day, protects against storm surge and works to foster ecosystem development. Water quality data will be monitored and analyzed to help care for the oyster reefs and monitor the effects of the program.

Education is central to the program and the goal is to help students learn more about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The equipment will be installed and equipped with 4G LTE to provide water quality data in real time for analysis. Verizon is also funding a mobile app so students can further engage and learn about water conditions. – NYHS

Check out these amazing videos about the project and look for the program to launch fall of 2014!

Video about New York Urban Assembly Harbor School & Billion Oyster Project: