Grand Cayman Reef Cam – Coral Spawning, BioRock, T4O Educational Expedition Site

Grand Cayman is a collaboration of many organizations and businesses. Thanks to a generous donation from the Gates Frontier Foundation, Teens4Oceans installed a VITB CleanSweep™ PTZ self-cleaning camera system, a science node system, and an autonomous buoy solar and battery-powered system. T4O worked with their partners View Into The Blue, Ocean Frontiers, the dive shop located at the Compass Point Dive Resort, and Stephen Broadbelt, Co-Founder and Partner of Ocean Frontiers. Additionally, four lights needed for viewing the annual coral spawning event at this site were donated by View Into The Blue, and additional solar and battery powering systems, and salinity testing instrumentation were made possible thanks to Ocean Classrooms, an online interactive marine science curriculum, and corporate sponsor of Teens4Oceans.

This site continues to grow in its scientific, educational, and resort marketing potential as new projects are added and in the works. Most recently a BioRock platform has been installed here. Led by Professor Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, Biorock technology has been researched and developed by a pioneering team of dedicated individuals for the past 30 years. The method has been uniquely applied to solving a wide variety of marine and costal problems including coral reef and fishery habitat restoration, shoreline protection, and erosion control measures.

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On the 2013 Coral Spawning Event viewed live: