Bonaire – Coral Reef & Coral Nursery Research

Bonaire, an island municipality of the Netherlands, lies off Venezuela’s coast in the southern Caribbean. Along with the Harbour Village Resort and Teens4Oceans, View Into The Blue® installed two camera systems, one PTZ with CleanSweep™ patent pending self-cleaning technology, one static camera with HydroWiper self-cleaning technology, and a science node, which collects pH, temperature, and salinity.

The Bonaire PTZ Coral Reef Camera and Science Node systems are located on the north side of the harbour entrance at Harbour Village Beach Club. The area is a very unique location for corals to grow due to the freshwater influx from the salina in the harbour. Watch carefully when the camera turns to the south; you will see the data sensor, mooring sinker, and LOTS of fish. The visibility will change dramatically throughout the day. Despite CleanSweep™ cycles that occur six times a day, you will notice the rapid rate of biofouling that occurs on the glass dome. This rapid growth would make normal viewing, without CleanSweep™, impossible without continuous maintenance by divers.
The Bonaire Coral Nursery Static Camera System shows the coral trees that have been populated with two species of Acropora coral. The Coral Restoration Foundation maintains these trees as well as two other sites on the island of Bonaire.

Also involved with this amazing site is the Junior Ranger Program on Bonaire. This amazing group of teenagers work to become “Marine Scouts” by learning how to be agile divers, protect Bonaire’s nature resources, understand ocean ecosystems and habitats, and be Nature Ambassadors to the world. Check out their great work at : Junior Rangers at Bonaire

Check out more information on this project at: New York Times Article on Bonaire Cameras