Purchase Camera with Streaming

Lease to Purchase Camera with Streaming

Lease Camera with Streaming

Free Camera with Streaming

Hardware $2,150 $100 up to the Cost of Camera $100/ Month FREE
Streaming $150/ Month $150/ Month $150/ Month $250/ Month
Customer Connections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Equipment Ownership Yes Yes No No

Monthly Cost: includes all streaming video costs including embed player for one website, a single watermark logo, and lease of equipment. The first month of streaming is due at time of installation.

Non-Refundable Setup Fee: includes installation of equipment by a certified technician, initial onsite IT services, and Streaming Server setup.

Security Deposit: refundable deposit returned upon completion of full contract terms and return of undamaged equipment. This deposit will be applied to early cancellation of contract.

Cancellation Cost: notice must be given within one month to avoid incurring following month’s charges.

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