Underwater PTZ Webcam Systems (HD-PTZ Series) - PAN-TILT-ZOOM

Our HD-PTZ series of underwater camera systems deliver HD quality video, 360 degree pan and 180 degree tilt, and 8x optical zoom. Offered in HD 720p - 1080p, the HD-PTZ-Series delivers full frame rate, high color fidelity, and a 16:9 format. It can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously.

Dirty Dome
Without Cleansweep™ Technology
Clean Dome
With CleanSweep™ Technology

The HD-PTZ Series can include our patent-pending CleanSweep™ self-cleaning technology.  The CleanSweep™ model is our most desired and utilized product. All of our HD-PTZ camera systems come equipped with underwater wet-mate connectors, fully ready for both our Lighting System and our Hydrophones if these additions are desired.

The View Into The Blue® PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera systems offer a unique auto flip functionality, which allows the system to simulate a continuous pan beyond the mechanical stop, and in so doing enables an operator to continuously follow an object.

CleanSweep SpecsThe HD-PTZ Series of camera systems come in three configurable models. The HD-554 is a 720p camera system and can be equipped with CleanSweep™ like all View Into The Blue® systems. Also offered with CleanSweep™ the HD-555 and HD-630, both of these models are 1080p instruments with superb H264 encoding, offering unparalleled smooth video recording in full HD, and seamless, exquisite web streaming at 30fps. The HD-630 offers manual white balance and continuous guard tour functionality. *The HD-630 requires a local server for image/video rotation. This instrument is usually mounted upside-down.
Specifications and Pricing: non-self-cleaning camera systems
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Products Price
HD555-PTZ Discover Package $12,990
HD555-PTZ-cs2 $9,990 (Individual Camera Only)
HD630-PTZ-cs2 $11,990 (Individual Camera Only)
Specifications and Pricing: self-cleaning camera systems
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Products Price
HD555-PTZ-cs2 Discover Package $19,990
HD555-PTZ-cs2 $16,990 (Individual Camera Only)
HD630-PTZ-cs2 $18,990 (Individual Camera Only)

Underwater Static Webcam Systems (HD-Static Series)

View Into The Blue™ HD-Static underwater webcam systems deliver HD quality video and the option to add ultra wide angle optics. Resolution options available up to 2592×1944 with 5 megapixel sensor. With daylight color correction lenses available, DC iris control, and manual in-situ focus, the HD-Static Series underwater webcams offer unrivaled video quality.

Dirty Dome
With Hydro-Wiper™ Technology

Specifications and Pricing: non-self-cleaning camera systems
Static Camera Products Price
HD15-W-1 Kit with 100 feet of cabling $4,490
HD15-R-1 $3,250 (Individual Camera Only)
HD15-W-1 wide angle $3,990 (Individual Camera Only)
HD17-W-1 Kit with 100 feet of cabling $4,990
HD17-R-1 $3,850 (Individual Camera Only)
HD17-W-1 wide angle $4,550 (Individual Camera Only)
Hydro-Wiper™ add-on item $3,250 (Self-Cleaning Brush)

All VITB Static Cameras can be equipped with Hydro-Wiper™, a self-cleaning brush system that works in a similar fashion to View Into The Blue®'s CleanSweep™ technology.

Please contact bobby@viewintotheblue.com for more details.